Inventory value calculator



about 1 year ago

Image and text recognition AI to calculate inventory value using ImageAI and OCR. Similar to what HarvestVendor does but next level 🤓



about 1 year ago

requested a new game event from overwolf to support this, i will be waiting their response before diving into training models.


11 months ago

I really like the idea of counting currency as shown in the picture. This would help making sure people put the correct amount in the trade window. I'd also really like to see a complementary behaviour where it would sum up all currencies and give you an estimate based on prices. Could be in chaos or in exalt.

Kyusung changed the status to Planned

7 months ago

Nico Eschner

4 months ago

Maybe you could ask for an update from overwolf. Its already 9 months ago and still no new infos from them.

Kyusung changed the status to Accepted

2 days ago

Kyusung changed the status to Blocked

2 days ago

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